Brian and Melanie Boggs

About Me

Brian Boggs is a an award winning master chairmaker and furniture designer who built his business literally from the ground up, starting with a log and $50 in old hand tools in his back yard back in 1983. While building that first chair, he got an order for six from his neighbor and has never been without an order since. His chairs make you feel like you are cradled – and they are as gorgeous as they are comfortable. 

During his career, he has designed and built chairs for highly regarded furniture experts such as Sam Maloof, winner of the MacArthur Genius Grant for his furniture design and woodworking, and Frank Pollaro, CEO of Pollaro Fine Furniture.

Now in his forty-first year, his passion for the work burns brighter than ever, and he is constantly challenged by his clients, his craftsmen, and himself to further innovate.

Over the years, he’s taught woodworkers all over the world, young and old at varying degrees of skillfulness. Those who seek to learn from him vibrate with the same sort of devotion to woodworking that he does.

In 2017, we started The Ask Brian Boggs Show podcast to serve these folks, but we have larger plans.

Boggs Bench begins the process of expanding Brian’s ability to educate and inform woodworkers. Through this online educational forum, Brian will teach his techniques and philosophy of woodworking to intermediate and advanced woodworkers. His goal is to help craftspeople get their woodworking PhD.

In March 2019, we started a webinar series. Beginning with bandsaw techniques, Brian is constructing a learning experience which allows the woodworker to build precision, consistency and expertise. In this, he teaches the “why” behind the “how.” As we continue to receive positive and constructive feedback, we know we are on the right path. The craftspeople who sign up are engaging with us, helping us to improve their experience, and are excited to learn the knowledge that Brian is sharing.

In our effort to build this online learning experience, future goals include creating a subscription essay series from Brian, improvements in technology and video production, and a transformation into an online educational forum and community where higher-level woodworkers, furniture makers, and designers can connect and learn from each other as well as Brian.

Thank you for joining us!

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