The Ask Brian Boggs Show – Episode 5

In this episode, Brian answers questions about using adhesives!

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  • Using Epoxy For Maloof Type Joints
  • Adhesives For Exterior Bent Laminations
  • How To Prevent PVA Glue From Staining Wood
  • Do you use hide glue? If so, are you caught up with a double boiler and different grains or just hide glue in a bottle?

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5 thoughts on “The Ask Brian Boggs Show – Episode 5”

  1. Hello,
    towards the end of the show when you are read questions that have just come in I cannot hear the person reading the question. Could you please repeat the question before replying.

  2. I would love to have a section on how to hide your mistakes,
    Recently, I built a Roubo style workbench with a 5 inch thick top. I cut the sliding dovetails for the legs with a handsaw, with the through mortise and tenon serves as a wedge to lock the leg in place.I needed some gap filling. Christopher Schwartz had mentioned Advanced Repair Technologies.
    You might find their prim-a-trate epoxy useful to prime the wood for other epoxy products.
    let’s hear about hiding mistakes?
    best wishes Archer

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