Battling The Burr

I have been wanting to make a video on plane blade sharpening for some time now.   I know the 20 minute video format we chose just doesn’t leave room for the whole story.  The last time I taught a workshop on sharpening was a two-week sharpening basics class at Penland School of Craft and …

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Innovative Card Scraper Techniques

Before making this latest video on scraper techniques, I looked at quite a few YouTube scraper sharpening videos.   I watched so many makers talk about their method for getting a good edge with interest.  All of them are going after the same thing but speak about it differently.  Those differences are important to hear and watch. Each will …

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Introduction to Planing Wood

James Krenov called hand planes “the violins of the woodworker’s orchestra”.   I never got what he meant by that exactly other than to express his own reverence for this group of hand tools. I have never played a violin, but I have learned, over four decades of using hand planes, that the nuances of the …

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