Who Owns a Design Idea?

In the larger sense of things, I think of ownership of ideas the same way I think of ownership of land or water.  This stuff isn’t ours to own, really.  We share it, take care of it, maybe even develop it, and ultimately, we return to it. The concept of owning land is a way …

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Brian and Melanie Celebrate the GOOD Design Award

Moving Beyond Berea

I began chair making in the early ’80s following the tutelage of Jenny Alexander’s book Make a Chair from a Tree. It took a few years for me to find my own voice in chair design, but by the late ’80’s I began to feel more at ease in my design experiments. By the early …

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The Evolution of My Designs

@bearkatwood writes in, “What prompted you to make such a bold departure from the Appalachian post and rung chair you made for so long, and in what direction would you like to steer your design style in the future?” Well, if, there’s a lot of missing pieces in what most people have seen and what will …

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Burl Wood In Chair Seats

Rex B. writes in, “Is burl wood acceptable for chairs, seats, and backs, and if so, are there any special techniques that should be used with burl wood? Obviously, it will vary from tree to tree and species to species, and shouldn’t be used, and should be without cracks or inclusions.” Well, that’s for sure …

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My Design Thinking Process

I received this question in episode 2 of the Ask Brian Boggs Show: What is your design thinking process? Do you think only in comfort or aesthetics, and is sustainability a part of your process? This really opens up a huge arena that I think by itself would fill a book, but briefly, the design …

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