Mortise & Tenon

Tapered Double Tenons

JMAwoodworks writes in, “Can you talk more about your tapered tenon universal joint, how you arrived at it, and broadly how you make both parts, and what application it might have in a home shop?” That’s a big one, and I’m glad you wrote this in ahead of time, because I had time to think …

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Round Joint Fit Tolerance

Pennington Windsor Chairs writes in, “Hey, Brian. At Rundell, and Rundell and I were discussing in our class recently how tight the 5/8 mortise-and-tenon for Windsor and ladderback chairs should be after super-drying the tenon and using hide glue. Your thoughts?” Well, the language used in fitting joints is often similar to the question I …

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Impact of Moisture In Joinery

I received this question in episode 7 of the Ask Brian Boggs Show: “I cut my mortise and tenon joints so that they can be assembled by hand pressure and they don’t fall apart from the force of gravity. I presume that means you’re holding them up so the thing, the tenon would fall out. “Many …

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