The Ask Brian Boggs Show – Episode 7

In this episode, Brian answers questions about joinery!

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3 thoughts on “The Ask Brian Boggs Show – Episode 7”

  1. I really enjoyed this episode. Thanks for answering my question about the double tapered tenons. For whatever reason, I hadn’t thought of the now obvious tapered router bit and it being a normal M&T joint (I think I would be interested in one of these bits if you are able to organize a bulk buy)
    I am of the opinion that you could easily do another show on this topic. it is very interesting to me, (much of my day job involves looking at exactly constraining assemblies and 3D tolerance stack ups so this is very interesting stuff!) I’m especially curious how you go about setting the depth of a tapered router bit such that you repeatably get consistent interference fit + shoulder closeup without lots of manual creeping up on the fit, or maybe that’s what you are referring to about overhead routers and tricky setups. Thanks again for wrinkling my brain with this joint.

  2. Great podcast Brian. Very good info on the joints. Very helpful that you explain reasons for different aspects of the joints. I visited your shop in May this year and was impressed. Appreciated the tour of your shop.

  3. this is a great podcast, you cause me to think much more about the processes I use in furniture making. I would like to thank you for your tremendous generosity in sharing your knowledge so freely

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