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Jeff Lefkowitz created a set of plans for Brian Boggs classic post-and-rung side chair to accompany his class where he teaches students how to build them.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, he decided to offer these plans on a “Pay What You Can Afford” basis, donating the proceeds to Meals on Wheels and UNICEF. All proceeds from the donations on this website (minus the cost of credit card processing) will go to Jeff to give to these same organizations. All international donations will go to UNICEF.

These plans are available in both Imperial and Metric versions, and both versions are included. These sets are available as a downloadable file and includes 3 large format pages— Elevations at 50% and Templates and Parts each at 100%. These can be printed full size by any output service with a large format printer.

If you don’t have access to a large format printer, there is a 38 page booklet that includes all the drawings from the large pages. In addition, the booklet also includes drawings and dimensions of every jig, form, and template needed to build the chair. The booklet is optimized to print out on a personal printer or viewed on a computer, tablet, or even smartphone.

These plans do not include instruction on how to build the chair. You can find detailed instructions for building the chair on Jeff’s website by clicking here: You’ll find 28 posts here, written in the same way he teaches. While this series is not complete, he does plan on adding posts to finish out the build over the coming weeks.

Brian Boggs designed this chair in the mid-90’s. The plans for this chair were written and illustrated by Jeff Lefkowitz.


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