Limited Edition Boggs Shaving Horse


A shavehorse is an essential tool for chairmaking, spoon carving, etc. Many craftsmen prefer to make their own. For those who don’t, we have worked with master chair maker Brian Boggs to offer this well thought out design, executed in Appalachian White Ash. Oil finish. Vegetable leather covered clamping jaws.

The Limited edition shaving horse dramatically improves the most important aspects of the shaving horse experience. It introduces a new lower jaw adjustable angle and a better saddle format.

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Assembled Dimensions
Width: 20 1/4 inches
Height: 32 inches
Length: 56 7/8 inches

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Lower Jaw
The new lower jaw adjustment post replaces the fixed angled lower jaw with something much more versatile and capable. Now the ratchet post is split yielding a front ratchet post and back riser post that can shift positions allowing the lower jaw to adjust from 18 degrees to dead level.

Ratchet Key
The ratchet key is now held in engaged by two steel torsion springs for a lifetime of snappy action.

The new saddle is the best ever on a shaving horse. It features a slightly larger seat shaped and padded much like a custom motorcycle seat. Covered in fine black leather, the foam padding is constructed with space-age memory foam giving longer lasting support.

The moment you sit on the Boggs shaving horse, you feel your pelvis relax and rotate forward to restore your backs natural lumbar curve. The adjustable saddle is engineered to transfer your bodies weight into clamping force with comfort in mind. Your knees are kept slightly below your hips to minimize lower back strain.

Wood Species
Entire shaving horse frame is made from Appalachian White Ash. Commonly used for handles and farm equipment because of its hardness to weight ratio. It is a ring porous hardwood and very tough.