PantoRouter® ALL-IN Woodworking Machine Package


We’re frequently asked for a list of all of the major accessories for sale for the PantoRouter joinery machine so we put this package together to make it easier. The All-In Package contains all of our most popular templates and accessories.

Please select the option to include the Bosch 1617 EVS, or you can buy the All-In package without a router. We highly recommend a dedicated router motor for the PantoRouter and the Bosch router is by far the best router for this tool. The router mounts will accept a small number of other router brands and models. We’ve done our best to identify some options and listed them in our Router Selection Guide.

This is the most complete package we’ve ever offered. See the long list of included items below.

The PantoRouter is now POWERED BY BOSCH

For all technical questions contact PentaRouter directly at (877) 333-7150

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The ALL-IN Package contains:
PantoRouter with tilting-table
Optional Bosch 1617 EVS Variable Speed, 2.25 HP Router, 110 Volt.
Dust Collection Hood
Dust Collection Hose – 5ft
Centering Scale Fence
Swing-Stop for positioning tenon workpieces
Vertical template holder adapter
Set of five horizontal mortise and tenon templates 1″, 1-½ “, 2″, 2-½ ” & 3″
Set of two vertical mortise and tenon templates 1-½ ” and 2-½ ”
Aluminum Template Holder
10mm Guide Bearing with 6mm shaft (GB-10)
12mm Guide Bearing with 6mm shaft (GB-12)
15mm Guide Bearing with 6mm shaft (GB-15)
22mm Guide Bearing with 6mm shaft (GB-22)
Table Front Fence/Stops
Split Shaft Centering Jig
Amana ½ ” solid carbide spiral up-cut router bit with Spektra® coating
Amana ⅜” solid carbide spiral up-cut router bit
Amana ½” x ⅜” collet adapter
Amana ¼” solid carbide spiral up-cut router bit
Amana 8° X ½” Carbide-Tipped Dovetail Bit
Segmented Box Joint Templates
Variable or Fixed-Space Dovetail Templates
Thickness Gauge
Depth Stop
Two T-Track Lever Clamps
Segmented mortise and tenon template set (makes 154 different sizes of M&T)
Slot mortise template set (all Domino® sizes and any inch or metric size plus much more
Monster mortise and tenon set (¾” and 1” mortise and tenon)
Auxiliary fence (for setting-up angle and compound angle cuts)
Dowel templates (4)
Diamond template
Bow-Tie template
Triple M&T
Assembly guide
How-to guide
Centering Bar for table
Template holder micro-adjuster
PantoRouter® center finding ruler


NO Router Included, Bosch Router Included


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