PantoRouter® Pro-Pack Woodworking Machine Package


The “Pro-Pack” package includes the Tilting Table PantoRouter® woodworking machine kit and all of the templates, guide bearings and router bits needed to make Mortise and Tenon, Box Joints, and Dovetails, plus an optional 110 Volt Bosch 1617 EVS router or 230V RoutMaster Pro router for export. We include the Dust Collector Hood, the Centering-Scale Fence and two Lever Clamps plus numerous additional accessories. See below for full details.

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With these included accessories you can create:

  • 1/4″, 3/8″ & 1/2″ Mortise tenon X 1”, 1.5″, 2”, 2.5″ and 3” wide

  • 1/4″ & 1/2″ Box Joints either fixed or variably-spaced

  • 1/2″ Variable Spaced Dovetail Joints. Other size dovetails cut also be cut with larger or smaller dovetail bits.

  • Simple and compound angles

  • Edge band trimming

  • And any number of operations using your custom-made templates

The PantoRouter is now POWERED BY BOSCH

For all technical questions contact PentaRouter Directly at (877) 333-7150

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The PRO-PACK Package includes:

  • PantoRouter with tilting-table

  • Optional Bosch 1617 EVS Variable Speed, 2.25 HP Router, 110 Volt.

  • Optional RoutMaster Pro 230V 50/60 Hz router for export.

  • Dust Collection Hood

  • Dust Collection Hose – 5ft

  • Centering Scale Fence

  • Set of five horizontal mortise and tenon templates 1″, 1-1/2″, 2″, 2-1/2″ & 3″

  • Set of two vertical mortise and tenon templates 1-1/2″ and 2-1/2″

  • Aluminum Template Holder

  • 10mm Guide Bearing with 6mm shaft (GB-10)

  • 12mm Guide Bearing with 6mm shaft (GB-12)

  • 15mm Guide Bearing with 6mm shaft (GB-15)

  • 22mm Guide Bearing with 6mm shaft (GB-22)

  • Table Front Fences

  • Split Shaft Centering jig

  • Amana 1/2″ solid carbide spiral up-cut router bit

  • Amana 3/8″ solid carbide spiral up-cut router bit

  • Amana 1/4″ solid carbide spiral up-cut router bit

  • Amana 8° X 1/2” Carbide Tipped Dovetail Bit

  • Segmented Box Joint Templates

  • Variable Space Dovetail Templates

  • Thickness Gauge

  • Depth Stop

  • Two T-Track Lever Clamps

We are often asked what the ProPack does not include that a woodworker might also like to buy.
The Monster Set of mortise and tenon bits and guide bearings makes ¾” and 1” mortise and tenons.
The Auxiliary Fence helps to align the workpiece at angles other than 90°.
The Segmented Mortise and Tenon templates make 154 different sizes of M&T.
The Slot Mortise template set makes any size mortises or slots and is used for many operations.
The Swing-Stop for indexing workpieces for rapid and repeatable tenon cuts.
Vertical Template Holder Adapter for using most of our normally horizontal templates in a vertical orientation.
Specialty Templates including the Dowel, Triple, Bow Tie and Diamond shapes.
These are the most popular add-on items and they are all included in the ALL-In pack but not in the more affordable Pro-Pack.


NO Router Included, Bosch Router Included


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